Hanover Medical Billing
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Welcome to Hanover Medical Billing, LLC
Hanover Medical Billing, LLC is a medical billing company servicing a multitude of provider types, from internal medicine to mental health. We have years of experience with insurance billing, accounts receivables, collections, worker’s compensation and PIP cases, as well as contracting and credentialing. Our team also has extensive knowledge and experience with PT, OT, and Chiropractic billing and administrative protocols.
We understand that for some providers who keep their billing in-house, outsourcing their billing can feel uncomfortable. We pride ourselves on having our clients feel that we are simply an extension of their own staff. When you call our office, you are immediately speaking with a dedicated biller on our team. We also come to your office to make a seamless transition from your current billing situation to us.
Billing procedures, codes, and documentation rules are forever changing; Hanover Medical Billing, LLC will keep you up-to-date with the most current expectations of all insurances, including Medicare, so that your cash flow is never affected.
Our Services
We are specialized medical billing.
  • Billing and coding
  • Accounts receivable
  • Patient Statements
  • Insurance benefit verifications
  • Administrative Efficiency Consultation
  • Assistance In Starting A New Practice
About Us
We will provide our clients with quality medical billing and collection services that will facilitate the receiving of payments in a quick and timely manner; submit medical claims accurately and securely; and provide current medical coding information to further enhance our client’s knowledge base. We will provide our clients the highest quality customer service. We will be the undisputed leader in Medical Billing, Collections, Coding and related information and services in the state ofNew Jersey and Florida.
We are dedicated employees improving the financial and overburdened state of clients through unsurpassed intelligence, execution and integrity in medical billing and collection matters.